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Russian Girls are the Pride of Eastern Europe
Since the iron curtain of the communist parties that ruled all the eastern countries was replaced by far less oppressive regimes, the gates to the occident opened as wide as you can see. And the most ...
Easter - the Spring Festival
It's Eastertime heralding the advent of spring magic. Spring has sprung. Captivating beauty of Roses, Tulips, Irises, Lilies, Daffodils, and Crocuses, display its magical colors in full brilliance, e...
12 Easter Quotes to Celebrate a Miracle That Changed the World
Easter will be here before you know it, making now the perfect time for some delightful Easter quotes. After all, miracles may happen every day but this miracle -- the miracle of Christ rising from th...
Buying 'real' Easter Greeting Cards Online
Are you looking for great Easter greeting cards but are not sure where to start looking? This might especially be so if you are looking for something unique or special in Easter greeting cards. Let's...
Sugar Free Easter Fun
As a society we consume more candy and sugar on Easter than all other holidays, except Halloween. Something about the fasting and abstinence during the weeks leading up to Easter makes us more open to...
Being the Easter Bunny for the First Time
So your first child isn't a baby anymore and you're going to have to convince her that the Easter Bunny has hopped into your home, left a basketful of chocolate goodies and hidden a horde of dazzlin...
Easter History
To children, Easter means oversized bunnies bearing Easter Baskets full of goodies. To adults, it may be an excuse to wear their best Spring outfits and have a nice sit-down dinner with family and r...
Easter Parade
To most people, Easter is about Easter baskets, gifts and gift baskets . Children look forward to receiving a chocolate Easter gift, and even newborns may get a baby Easter basket. At least as a sec...
Easter Egg History
If you ask most kids today what “Easter Eggs” are, they’ll probably tell you that they’re undocumented features found in computer games and DVD’s. Of course, when it co...
Easter Bunny History
To some, Easter is a serious religious holiday. To others, it’s a celebration of the end of winter and of renewal and beginnings. To others, it’s both – but to children, it’s...
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