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Just for Stepfamilies
The modern family defies a pat definition. A family defines itself. Traditional definitions fall far too short for the families of our time. Tradition is what we make of it. Families come in all s...
Shoes Styles For Families
Parents look for shoes that offer the lowest prices because there are so many people who need shoes for wear at different occasions. Luckily, shoes are sold in millions of styles and families are sure...
Genealogy Helps Reunite Families
When it comes to family, there are few things in life that are more important. And if you've ever wondered who your ancestors were, then you're certainly not alone! No matter how big or small your f...
Families Can Save on Gas
Gas prices keep rising, which takes precious money out of your pocket that your family needs. Raising children is expensive and now even more of it is going out without the be...
Fast Food Families: Why You Cant Afford the Drive Thru
Its a question that makes most moms squirm. Whats for dinner? Unfortunately, many times in desperation the answer is found at the nearest drive thru. Todays average American eats 4 or more me...
Families on Fast Forward.
Do you ever feel like a cartoon character stuck on fast forward with too many things to do in too short a period of time - except that it really isnt very funny? Frenzied and stressed, parents race...
The Challenge of Families
The following article is offered for free use in your ezine, print publication or on your web site, so long as the author resource box at the end is included, with hyperlinks. Notification of publicat...
Why Hiring An Au Pair Can Benefit Families
Hiring an au pair is a European tradition that has become increasingly popular here in America. An Au Pair is a young person from another country who will stay with a family and help them by providing...
How Freelancing Changed My Family
When my only child was born, I was able to stay home with her until the age of eight months. After that, it became necessary that I leave home life and join back into the working world, which meant da...
Hurricane Preparation Tips in 2008 - What Your Family Must Bring and What to Avoid
Hurricane Preparation Tips in 2008 - What Your Family Must Bring and What to Avoid Without ExceptionEach and every year thereís a deadly season of hurricanes that devastate the Americas. The dr...
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