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Hurricane Preparation Tips in 2008 - What Your Family Must Bring and What to Avoid

Hurricane Preparation Tips in 2008 - What Your Family Must Bring and What to Avoid Without Exception

Each and every year thereís a deadly season of hurricanes that devastate the Americas. The dreaded hurricane season 2008. Typically these deadly hurricane nightmares have more destructive energy than 1000 nuclear bombs. I was stunned to hear this for several reasons. But more on that later.

First I will cover the critical hurricane preparation tips I recommend based on my experiences of 2007. First I will cover the common sense basics. Then I will progress to some really savvy tips I either learned or gleaned myself since last year. Finally, I have a few surprises that may in fact be very forward thinking. This is due to ironically a holistic healing visionary named Glen B. Stewart.

Hurricane preparation tip - Be sure to make a detailed list of all the critical items each of the family members must have on a daily basis. For example any prescription medications. Of course consider other possibilities such medication for allergic reactions like bee stings.

A complete first aid kit of the small boating variety I consider pivotal. And generally casing on this type is waterproof. If you get the plastic first aid case it will float as well.

Also get a box of those 1 gallon resealable style bags. These resealables are great for storing just about everything from food to fresh sets of kids clothing. It will float and keep the contents dry if not loaded down with heavy items.

Establish a set of hurricane evacuation maps for your entire family. Go over these every several weeks during hurricane season. Pick several safe and secure alternates just in case the first one is either full or inaccessible. Go over your hurricane evacuation plan six or seven times at least the beginning Week of Hurricane Season 2008.

For family members who cannot typically carry a cell phone, consider a pager. A pager can boh reach any child with your current phone number and tell them to reach you back ASAP.

And then there is the promising research possibility of Hurricane Reduction. Far fetched? Yes. Is it Proven effective on deadly hurricane force winds? Yes again, Glen B. Stewart has done it already 10 times in a row.

In fact, when news first broke worldwide of Glen B. Stewart and his visionary research into mind over matter combined with energy healing. This he later coined the Stewart principle. A true evolutionary milestone for mankind. A universal healing principle of global healing synergy. This amazing principle could be used to manifest healing energies towards anyone or anything. Even Reducing deadly Hurricanes and Tornados.

So how can Glen B. Stewart, the father of modern hurricane reduction improve on his proven hurricane dissipation technique? By duplicating these globally acclaimed efforts to as many caring individuals possible. He has put together an extraordinary series of hurricane reduction videos. This landmark series of life-saving hurricane reduction videos is called the One with The Winds workshop.

If you know the extraordinary life-saving value of hurricane reduction by Glen B. Stewart Be sure to click on the links in my resource box below.

About The Author Glen B. Stewart the Father of Natural Hurricane Reduction and editor of the globally acclaimed Distance Healers Mastermind has done the impossible. Get your Free Hurricane Prepardness Video Here. The Stewart Principle can assist in dissolving the turbulent energies behind all forces of nature. Get your Free Hurricane Reduction Video Today
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Hurricane Preparation Tips in 2008 - What Your Family Must Bring and What to Avoid

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