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Helping the whole family cope with mental illness
Throughout my childhood my brother Tom took up much of the family energy due to his mental illness. It wasn't his fault or ours, it just happens that way in families. As I think back on how my parent...
How to get your family album ready for Easter..
Be ready for the incoming Easter!!! Easter is the most important religious feast of the Christian liturgical year and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. It also refers to the season of the church y...
Create Family Website For Free!
How great would it be to have a family website?Imagine if you could make it a family project with Mum, Dad, Kids, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins contributing!What would you put on a family we...
Single Parent Dating - How to Balance Your Family and Social Life
Help for single parents is a necessity in today's society. In 2000, the US Census Bureau of Household and Family Statistics reported that single parents accounted for 27% of family households with ch...
Family Trees That Talk - Interviewing Relatives
As a means of researching family trees, interviewing relatives can be a really enjoyable experience for both parties, BUT there are some rules that needto be followed. As with anything worthwhile, gen...
Your Family Mission and Vision
Anyone who chooses to blend two families is on a mission to have a healthy, happy, fulfilling family life experience. Thats WHY you choose to become partners in a relationship. The ways that you go...
Does your dog have what it takes to guard your home and family?
Many of us choose the guard dog¯ option over a home security system. These domestic canine security and affection units¯ seem like the perfect solution-you get an affectionate new member of ...
Why Plan Family Pursuits
Who says we don't desperately need family pursuits, projects, pastimes, and arts and crafts? Here are some things to make you think again.A research doctor asked me to prepare equipment for him requi...
Have You Lost Track of Your Family Time?
Back in the '50s, families gathered around the dinner table (and often the breakfast table) to eat and talk and catch up with each other.  Today, it's rare that a family finds the time and circ...
Family Budget Secrets to lower Household Expenses, Higher Family Income and wise money management
A healthy home budget is the key to wealth, success and even a healthy family life. American and Canadian Families could create a much healthier home budget with a bit of discipline and planning. Ask ...
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