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Majorca Family Holiday Activities
A cheap Majorca holiday is a fantastic getaway for the whole family, and there are plenty of ways to entertain all ages with these great Majorca family holiday activities, with highlights ranging from...
Step Families - How to Create a Strong Step Family
"Help! I don't love my step-kids! Now what do I do?" If there's one question I get asked more than any other, this is it! Whether the couple is engaged and preparing to combine families or they ar...
Dealing With Everyday Family Problems With A Smile
Families are made up of complex interpersonal relationship and with so many different personalities, needs, and interactions, problems are going to arise. It's inevitable! Whether there is tension be...
Is it a Fun Family Project or a Three Ring Circus?
All parents have had the beautiful day dream of doing a project together as a family. Our latest one consisted of the simple task of planting a flower bed. Imagine a father, a mother, Chase a 4 year...
Dealing With Difficult Family Members
Many of us come from families with one or more difficult family members and it is not uncommon to look forward to family gatherings with dread. It doesn't have to be that way. Though there is no mira...
Step Family Success - This is the Most Important Ingredient
In first marriages, the old saying is to put a bean in a jar every time you make love during the first year. For every year thereafter, take one out every time you make love. By the end of your marria...
Family Crests Might not be What You Think They are
Family crests are not what you might think. The term "family crest" is sometimes used interchangeably with the heraldic terms "coat-of-arms" or "family shield," but a family crest is actually o...
Esogbue Family, Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria
The Esogbue family is a large and popular family in Umuafene, Isieke in Ibusa Delta state, Nigeria. Umuafene means the children of "Afene". Oral history claims that Afene was a woman; with Afene her...
Personality Changes in an Aging Family
Personality Changes in an Aging FamilyResearched and Authored by: Michael J. Spindler of Local Music Hits! In the following text, the author is going to explore how his personality relates to interper...
Family Influences
Nobody gets into life without a family. At a minimum, one mom and one dad are requisite. If you got folks who loved and supported you, that's your lot in life. If you got folks who did not love an...
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