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Staying in Touch With Friends and Family Abroad
In the past, if we wanted to get in touch with a friend or relative in a different country we would have sent a letter. Several weeks later it would arrive, and we'd then have to wait for a reply to...
Pool Safety - Tips To Keeping Your Family Safe
Do you have a pool in your backyard? Are you thinking about building one? If so, you know just how fun this can be. While pools are enjoyable, if the proper precautions are not in place you may be ask...
Powerful Family Goals Setting Techniques
Steps to creating powerful momentum for your family.When the entire family is working toward one goal you will be pleasently suprised on how fast you will see results. What's more, when the entire f...
Family Ties and Outdoor Recreation
It seems that it is getting harder and harder for families to find time to spend together. Between work and school and church activities that each member of the family commits to, it can seem tough to...
Learn to Put your Family First - 5 Ways to Free yourself and Find your Family
Have you ever left work wondering why you just spent eight hours performing meaningless task, or doing others people work for crappy pay? Did I say eight hours? Everyone knows that most people are at ...
The Importance of Family Time
As a parent, you are familiar with the concept of "family time," but have you ever sat down and thought about why it is important and the benefits it brings to both you and your children's lives?Ma...
Top 10 Ways to Reconnect With your Family
You hear the complaints everyday from different people about how busy their lives are with work and after school activities. They never have any family time together because everybody is just so B-U-S...
Your Guide to Finding More Family Time
Whether we are working outside of the home or inside the home, it is becoming increasingly more difficult in the age of "instant communication" to take some TIME OUT for family. We have the cell pho...
Attention Deficit Disorder (add) in the Family
Copyright (c) 2007 Jennifer KoretskyAs you may know, experts suspect that ADD is genetic. So if one person in your family has ADD, chances are at least one other person does, too!When you live in a ho...
Vietnam Family: Small Size
Economic development, culture integration, modernization and industrialization have affected size and lifestyle of Vietnam family. The form of "four generation family" with over 10 people living tog...
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