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Family Fun Gifts
When you think about the 'American Family' what comes to mind? Are you envisioning the typical 'Soccer Mom Family' with junior running off to play softball while little Sally takes a ballet lesso...
Family Gatherings Make Them More Often
By having more family gatherings you will be surprised how close a family can become. Don't wait till the major holidays, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and others to have a barbeque or have a...
Easy to Make Fudge your Family Will Love
Who doesn't love fudge? Set out a tray of home-made fudge or fudge brownies and your family and friends will soon have them eaten. Fudge is also great for office parties. Chocolate fudge has become a...
Consider your Family Lifestyle when Purchasing your Next Home
So you have decided that you want to move house wither it be across town or state. Your move could be sparked by many reasons such as to up size, down size, move closer to the family or relocate due t...
How To Choose A Long Distance Carrier For Your Family
In todays economy long distance carriers abound by the thousands, but trying to find the right plan for your long distance needs is no easy task. On the surface, long distance rates may seem cheape...
Getting the Government to Pay Family Members For Eldercare at Home
Some 44.4 million adult caregivers -- or 21% of the population -- provide unpaid care to seniors or adults with disabilities,according to a 2004 study by the National Alliance for Caregiving...
Fun Weekend Ideas for the Family
The weekends are time the whole family can spend together, but everything is so expensive and there just doesn't seem to be any money left over after the necessities are paid. And, yet with nothing...
Focus on the Family Series 2
In the last issue, solutions to unwanted advice were addressed.This issue will focus on bedtime.The reality of this issue is: If the children go to bed, so can the parents. When the children sleep...
Focus on the Family, Series 1
There are so many issues to take into consideration when raising a family. This series will take a look at many of them, one at a time.You started out by meeting the love of your life. You married...
Family Activities
Looking for something to do that the whole family will enjoy and keep them occupied? Look no further. Below are ideas that will be fun for everyone in your family. Including great activities for kids ...
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