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Why Hiring An Au Pair Can Benefit Families

Hiring an au pair is a European tradition that has become increasingly popular here in America. An Au Pair is a young person from another country who will stay with a family and help them by providing in home childcare.

For the au pair, they get to enjoy life in another country, in a way that can really help them to authentically live a country's "life style." While the cost is usually very reasonable, the benefits of having an au pair are many.

Building Relationships:

Because an au pair resides in the home, the whole family will get to know her/him very intimately. An au pair will become part of the family and can provide consistent support to the children. For young children especially it is important that they are able to form a bond with their care provider, and an au pair is able to facilitate this in a way that builds a long lasting relationship.

More Than Just "Day" Care:

The Au pair is available as needed (although there is generally a limit to the number of days and hours each week). The au pair's primary responsibility is to care for the children, and she/he will have their own experiences and time off around the family's schedule. An au pair can be available to get the children ready in the morning, to take them to music lessons or soccer practice and can watch them in the evening if it's finally time for a special date!

In Home Care:

An Au Pair cares for the children in their own home. While day care and after school programs are wonderful and needed services, time and again studies show that children, especially young children, enjoy the time they are able to be in the comfortable, relaxing, and familiar environment of their own home. Because an au pair lives in the family home, this need can be supported in a very unique way.

Typically au pairs are also able to provide assistance with household chores such as laundry, grocery shopping and food preparation. This is a huge benefit for families because it gives parents the ability to spend more quality time with their children rather than constantly worrying about keeping up with the house.

Sharing in a Cultural Exchange:

Bringing an au pair into the family creates a cultural exchange for both parties. The au pair is able to live and breathe the experience of living in a new country and the new culture that comes along with it. But, the au pair also brings her/his culture with them; traditional songs, or stories, a new language, and/or special foods, all of which introduce the whole family to new things that they otherwise would not likely have experienced.

Hiring an au pair can be a unique and exciting way to meet childcare needs for a family. The benefits an au pair can offer both children and their parents are great, and at the same time, a young person from another country is given a fabulous opportunity to explore the world!
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