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Treasure Your Family Memories: Inspiration in Unexpected Places
A Saturday morning expedition with the kids brought me an unexpected surprise. Certainly I had some expectations of our outing to the "Healthy Kids Day" at the local YMCA. Mildly entertained childre...
Family Matters
Since the escalation of international terrorist activity a few years ago, many of us have had an opportunity to re-evaluate relationships and reflect upon our lives. This can be a very difficult, and....
The Five Best Gifts to Give Your Family
When we think of giving gifts, we usually think of things to buy for people. Yet if you think back on gifts youve been given, it might not be the material gifts you received that are foremost in yo...
ll Elderly Family Members and Friends Need To Be Safe
Many family members are thrown into the situation of care giving because of a medical health crisis of a loved one. It is important to know what condition your loved one is in while they are in the h....
13 Steps to Preserve Your Family History
Although the phrase, "everybody has a story to tell" may sound like a cliche, it's true. And after working as a newspaper reporter for nine years, I know that everyone does, indeed, have a story...
Can This Happen To Your Family?
I would like to introduce you to the Blaine family. A typical family with typical problems in today's world. Tom, 39 is the head of the human resources department of the local school district. His...
Spend More Time With Your Family This Holiday Season: Host A Caroling Party
Too often we forgo entertaining because of the mere thought of all of the preparation that is involved. And more is not better. Often we try to out do each other with lavish parties and expensive gi....
The Narcissist and His Family
We are all members of a few families in our lifetime: the one that we are born to and the one(s) that we create. We all transfer hurts, attitudes, fears, hopes and desires a whole emotional baggag...
ElderLife Matters For Caregivers and Employers
Work & eldercare is a difficult marriage for the half of all employees who are caring for an aging loved one. You may know the facts: The cost of absenteeism, shortened or interrupted work days is ....
Preserve Your Family History by Writing Your Family Stories
Preserve Your Family History by Writing Family Stories "Everyone has a story to tell." It seems like a cliche—but it's true. After working as a newspaper reporter for more than eight years, I k...
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