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Hooray for Outdoor Play!

For many of us, the soundtrack of childhood was filled with laughter and the squeals of delight from hours spent outside playing our favorite games with childhood friends. Games such as hopscotch, hide and seek and red rover created endless entertainment and delightful memories. Bike riding with friends was a chance to set out on an adventure and explore our neighborhood on a warm spring afternoon. In addition to fun-filled days we'll never forget, these experiences helped us to build and nurture valuable relationships; identify and cope with risky situations; and foster creativity and problem solving skills.

Unfortunately many children today don't have the opportunity to experience the simple joys or the benefits of outdoor play as we used to. While a recent study showed that 80 percent of children prefer to play outside, most of them spend the majority of time inside on the Internet, playing computer games or watching television. In addition to taking a toll on the social development of youth, lack of outdoor play also threatens the health of today's children as running and frolicking have been exchanged for hours of more sedentary activities. Rather than spending the afternoon inside, playing video games, why not setup a trampoline in the backyard for a little outdoor fun? They create hours of energetic fun that children of all ages can enjoy, while getting in a healthy dose of exercise. You can even install a safety net for to ensure safe play for younger children.

In addition to investing in toys that encourage outdoor play, it's important that parents think of ways to get their kids to take their indoor activities outside. For example, if your child enjoys playing with dolls, encourage them to take their dolls outside for the day. Products such as prams and pushchairs are adorable toys for girls and a fantastic way to encourage them to take their dolls outside for an afternoon stroll.

Outdoor play is also a great way to spark your child's imagination. Toys such as inflatable playhouses are perfect for imaginative play. One of the joys of childhood is using the imagination to create a whole new world. Watch your child turn play tents into spectacular castles and invent stories and games to make the experience even more of a blast.

And guess what? Parents can play too! Outdoor play is also a great way to bond with your child. Head outdoors - your kids will be thrilled and so will you!

About The Author Having once owned the second largest toyshop in the UK, the owners of Toys Direct to Your Door ( have been in the toy business for over 40 years. The toy company stock a wide variety of children's toys, ranging from popular Playmobil, Baby Annabell and Thomas the Tank Engine toys, Lego and Duplo, train sets and doll houses and lots more.
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