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The Best Toys to Stimulate the Brain

There are all kinds of toys on the market, ones that are just plain fun, and ones that are educational, ones that are simply a waste of money. What are the best toys to stimulate the brain?

Many of the educational toys on the market are disguised well. They appear to be strictly about fun when in fact they stimulate the brain and help it develop and grow. These are really the best toys to invest in. Here are six great examples of some of the best toys to stimulate the brain.

1. The Deluxe Standing Easel - Whether you've already seen hints of a creative side or just want to encourage your child's imagination the deluxe standing easel is a great way to do just that. The easel is easy to adjust and is made of high quality material. It also comes with a chalkboard and dry erase board, as well as paper cutters, clips, plastic trays, and all the paints and pencils a budding artist might need.

2. Snap Circuits Jr. - This product has taken various best toys awards and rightfully so. It comes with 101 electronic games and gadgets, plus everything easily snaps together. It includes a host of experiments such as the music alarm, or house lights. It's packed full of fun and it's certainly one of the best toys for stimulating the brain.

3. Kapla Blocks - You can make all kinds of amazing things with Kapla blocks, which are available in different kits. They come with a book on building techniques as well as plenty of illustrations. An excellent choice for developing a child's aptitude in special elements.

4. Defluxion - This high tech game offers all kinds of action using lasers in a chess type strategy, which is very cool. It starts with each player having 12 Egyptian pieces that are themed. Plenty of strategies to build here making it one of the best toys in the educational category.

5. V Smile Pocket Learning System - This system can be used stand-alone or hooked to the TV. It uses the original V Smile cartridges and there is an excellent choice of fun educational games that your child will simply be unable to resist

6. Leapster L Max Learning Game System - The Leapster has seen an upgrade which now lets you connect to the TV. This is an very educational toy with cartridges that teach reading, writing, and arithmetic in a fun way that keeps your child coming back for more. There are cartridges available up to grade 4.

We've had a look at six of the best toys to stimulate the brain but of course there are hundreds of other great toys that will do just that. The key is to do a little research before you buy. That way you'll not only buy toys the children will love, you'll avoid buying the ones that aren't so great, saving yourself a bundle of money.

Education doesn't have to be boring and the right toys will be impossible to resist while stimulating the brain the entire the time. All you need to know is the best toys to do just that, and we've certainly given you a good start.

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