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Can you Breastfeed With Breast Implants?
Copyright (c) 2008 Dr. Robert KenevanBreast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that enlarges your breasts using either saline-filled implants or silicone-gel implants. Breast implants can gi...
The Breast Feeding Quandry
Today's modern woman is not the same as the woman of the fifties, forties and prior. Today's woman, thanks to the feminist movement and a broadening ideal of what a woman's role is in society, has...
Breast Pumps and Hygiene
Though breast pumps are used quite commonly, it is suggested to consult a doctor regarding a prescription for a breast pump rental or purchase. Though most insurance companies will reimburse either pa...
Discount Breast Pumps
Many new mothers choose to get used breast pumps to feed their babies to save money, but they should be careful. Even though used breast pumps are more affordable than new ones, there are possible leg...
Electric Breast Pumps
Although expensive, electric pumps are more efficient than hand or battery powered pumps. One advantage of with the electric pumps is that these pumps can be rented. Also, many of these pumps are well...
Healthy Breast Pump Use
A multiple user device such as a hospital grade breast pump has a high possibility of being a source of contamination. There is always a possibility of contamination when more than one person handles ...
Breast Pumps
A breast pump is a mechanical device that can be used to extract milk for later use from a lactating woman. The way a breast pump works is similar to a milking machine used in commercial dairy product...
Breast Pump Reviews
The qualities that are required in a breast pump are comfort, efficiency, high milk production, and ease of use for the nursing mother. Presently, companies like Medela and Ameda, as well as a couple...
Breast Pump Rentals
Many new mother choose to rent breast pumps rather than buy them. Breast pumps can be rented at the hospital where the baby is born by the doctor's prescription. Hospital-grade breast pumps are made ...
Best Breast Pumps
A comprehensive breast pump comparison table is available on the web so as to help breastfeeding moms compare the differences between the available manufacturers and make informed decisions about thei...
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