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Parenting Guide provides tips and information on successful parenting. Find out what the common parenting mistakes are and how you can prevent from making them. There are also tips for coping with children suffering from illnesses and disabilities.
An Indian Daughter
An Indian daughter? Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate As far as people of India are concerned, they know that they shall have to send their daughter to the house of another and then she shall have to spend ...
Will your Daughter be Okay? Five Easy Ways to Tell...
Parents of daughters have always been concerned about who and what their daughters see as they grow up. These parents wonder if their children will manage to survive the preteen and adolescent years w...
Raising Strong Daughters
When my daughter was born, I must admit there wasa distinctly different feeling to it when comparedto the birth of my son. Part of me was thrilled,but part of me was unsure of how to deal with agender...
How to Plan For Aging Parents
Alternatives to Pricey Retirement HomesIt happens to everyone with parents. One day, it will be time to take care of those who raised you. Retirement homes have long been the choice for busy families ...
Forget the Helicopter Parents. be a Submarine Parent!
"I called the director of Chloe's camp to let him know she only drinks orange-pineapple juice for breakfast...not plain orange juice.""We had Jacob's soccer coach over for dinner to make sure he ...
Successful Parents Use Three Interchangeable Words!
The three little magic words that will transform your parenting success are:Creative, flexible and imaginative - and the beauty is that they are virtually interchangeable!If you are creative, you can ...
How To Set Parental Controls With Internet Explorer
Are you the parent of a child or a teen who uses the internet? If you are, there is a good chance that you use Internet Explorer for your browser, as it comes standard on most computers. The good news...
We're Football People Now (a Parent's Journey)
INTRODUCTION The fans of the South Eastern Conference take their college football very seriously. Year in and year out they lead the country, dominating overall attendance records. In 1999, 2001, 200...
Need to Get Information About Your Biological Parents?
Sooner or later, adopted individuals - whether in their younger years or during adulthood - would have the tendency to feel the need to search for information about their identities and to search biol...
Helicopter Parents: Why are Some Parents so Overprotective?
We hear it everyday. Many of today's parents are more overprotective than they once were. Teachers complain that parents are doing their children's homework for them. Children complain that they ...
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