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There are three fundamental retirement planning questions, that are universal to everyone, no matter their age, income, or wealth. More than investments, asset allocation, or tax strategy
Bold Retirement: Will You Be Ready?
When Mary Lloyd asked me to review her book, Bold Retirement: Mining Your Own Silver for a Rich Life I agreed but with some trepidation. There are two words in the title that are turnoffs for me: r...
Mindfulness and Retirement: Time To Play
I have a 17-year-old daughter who is finishing up a year in Vitoria, Brazil. She's been having the time of her life in a gorgeous coastal city with the beaches of her dreams and the cute guys to matc...
Are You A Baby Boomer Not Willing To Think About Retirement?
When the baby boomers were young, retirement seemed like something so far off that it was tough to imagine it. So many changes were ocurring in the world and there were so many other issues that were...
How To Find The Best Retirement States
When you have been working hard for virtually all of your life you look forward to retiring. This is the period of your life where you will be able to indulge yourself with new activities and events t...
Retired,dont be Tired
Life has three phases the past the present the future. We work today, to make a better tomorrow. Our past is responsible for where we are today, but our past is not responsible for where we will be to...
5 Things you Need to Do After you Retire
Although you no longer have to worry about going to work every day, you can still find many ways to keep yourself busy. Many people think that once they retire, they will be bored because they are us...
Retire to Asia - And Why
In reading this article you may realize that the best part of your life could be in Asia, and the best time is now.The theme of most retirement articles is the best place to retire in the USA. Howeve...
10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Retirement
As the days of your retirement approaches, the feeling of anxiety and anticipation will continue to build up. And when the day comes to pass, and when the dust starts to settle, you will be left alone...
Retirement -- Why it Doesn't Work
It's hard to pick up a newspaper or turn on the television today without hearing someone talking about "planning for retirement". It's the "holy grail" of earning money, isn't it? The ability...
Saving for Retirement - a Commitment to Change
Let's take a moment to review what we've discussed so far. &bull I've stated my position that the reason most paycheck-to-paycheck employees have such a difficult time saving for retirement is beca...
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